William Foster is a transformation leader with over a decade and a half of experience in creating sustainable growth platforms powered by digital technology. He has a unique ability to dissect complex business problems then simplify them with processes that are easily deployed with highly engaged users. 

Mr. Foster understands the advantages and pitfalls of digital technology. He has successfully transformed business using traditional sales and fulfillment models to modern digital implementations mitigating risks and minimizing negative impact of change to customers along the way. His results are transformational successes that delivery sustainable growth trajectories.  Improving the businesses, people, and himself.

Foster has a diverse background which gives him a grounded approach to problem solving. This problem solving when applied to his vision for transformation creates an environment when people want to be lead as part of a successful team. At Norfolk Wire and Electronics a diversified telecommunications provider, he worked in every part of the business. This experience gives him unique insight to customer desires, operations, workings of a warehouse, logistics, and sales. 

Using his experience Foster leveraged his experience to define a vision for multiple improvements at Packard, Inc and HVACR Company that is a premier OEM replacement supplier and distributor. Foster executed his vision to virtualize their system and implement a WMS on time and under budget. His visions improved operations and allowed for the use of a 3PL and expansion of offerings while relocating the business. His vision supported revenue growth over 14% for three consecutive years.

Coker Tire and Steffs, Inc. both brought Mr. Foster to revitalize two businesses which had become stagnant on old unreliable technology. Steffs was able to streamline their infrastructure. Shaw Flooring Industries required a technology connection to further sales. Foster delivered a connection between both companies ERP on top of a new website to support the largest customers in addition to the many local customers.  His ability to virtualize and digitize the businesses allowed each company to expand their revenue base assuring a significant revenue stream for years to come.

Starting in 2018 Foster was instrumental in getting TireHub up and running. TireHub is a joint venture between the two largest tire and rubber conglomerates in America. He held multiple roles and titles while bringing the company to a sustainable scale. His efforts stood up and allowed their website to scale up to support their growing customer base. He was critical in establishing and documenting processes, negotiating budgets, and establishing the necessary practices to run a business and its IT successfully at scale. All of this done in a short order, executing the actions as the plans were being created to meet the demands for success.

Foster hold a BSBA from Appalachian State University.

References and examples available upon request